• “...It is commendable that the two young pianists work to search for the richness and harmonic sensuality of the page, but also that they proudly navigate their way through the several technical pitfalls with heads held high....”
    G. Villani – L’Arena, april 2005,
  • “...A harmony perfected by a very demanding ten-year fellowship, careful reading of the score, and inborn musicality: these are the artistic skills that will assure Chiara Soave and Cecilia Baccolo a very rewarding future”
    R. Chittolina – La Cronaca di Mantova, december 2006,
  • “Their absolute harmony ... immediately evident during an unforgettable performance that offered some rare listening to the Gorizia public .... The playing was elegant and measured, powerful and decisive, delicate and very sweet, strong and resolute, showing a perfect accord that only a piano duo of high stature can achieve”
    Messaggero Veneto Gorizia, november 2008,
  • “The duo Cecilia Baccolo and Chiara Soave studied here with us from 2006 to 2008 at the Music and Theatre Academy of Munich; they attended the upper piano duo class and were successfully awarded a degree. Their piano Duo is not only very balanced, but also extremely pleasant from a human and musical point of view. Their special and very personal union arising from meticulous dedication to art and serenity on a human level has transformed the cooperation of these two pianists into a very beautiful and pleasing experience. Their commitment to studying the piano is great and they have been able to progress even more on the road to greater artistic maturity. We wish the two piano players the possibility of appearing in front of a broader public of music lovers – also thanks to their very touching stage presence.”
    Yaara Tal – Andreas Groethuysen,
  • “It is such a pleasant opportunity when one listens to Chiara Soave and Cecilia Baccolo and is given a chance to work on music with them. This duo possesses lively artistic sensibility, which makes their performances really extraordinary events, always characterized by high-level sound research, perfect rhythmical unison and quite effective instrumental technique.”
    Mauro Minguzzi,
  • “I have long known Cecilia Baccolo and Chiara Soave and l am glad to confirm that this piano duo may rank among the most interesting ones of their generation, thanks to their interpretative skills and extraordinary abilities to achieve mutual performing mastery.”
    Cristiano Burato,
  • “I am glad to submit to your attention two very talented pianists, Chiara Soave and Cecilia Baccolo, who have already won prizes at well-known competitions. I do believe that they will have a brilliant career as concert in that they surely possess artistic qualities and performing skills. In addition, l wish to place emphasis on their relevant communicative abilities, as well as their capacity to choose the most suitable stylistic approach to each single piece of the repertoire.”
    Pier Narciso Masi,